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Cash4Gold Reviews

Cash4Gold.com takes our #10 position. This is the 800 pound gorilla in the industry. We’ve heard only bad things about this company. Very low payments and low customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction       2 Stars
Price       1 Stars
Quick Payment       1 Stars
Support       3 Stars

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7 Responses to Cash4Gold Reviews
  1. Dante

    I sent Cash4gold two 10k rope chains, a charm, and a ring. I weighed it before i sent it in, the whole lot was about 18 grams. They sent me $72.

  2. Cheryl

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I sent them gold, they sent me cash. No problem

  3. Caroline Kelly

    I saw their commercial on tv and sent in my grandmother’s gold. I’m not too happy with the price and neither is she. Next time I’m going to try somebody else.

  4. Why on earth sell your gold for cash when you can get cats?!

    Swap your shabby tat for a tabby cat.


  5. Melinda Silvia

    Ug! I can’t believe these guys stay in business. What a rip off!

  6. Mike Thomas

    cash4gold.com is a joke! These guys tried to pay me $35 bucks for $300 worth of jewelry. Never use these guys.

    • Brian B.

      Mike, I agree. First of all, they took a total of seven days to send me my check. And once I got it, it was really low. I’m no expert at gold prices and what not, but they paid me something like 5% of how much I paid. I told them to send it back. I’m going to use one of these other guys.

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BrokenGold Reviews

BrokenGold.com came in at #9. Lots of disappointment in their payments.

Customer Satisfaction       2 1/2 Stars
Price       2 Stars
Quick Payment       2 Stars
Support       3 Stars

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2 Responses to BrokenGold Reviews
  1. Tim

    Last year I sold my class ring to BrokenGold.com, but they told me it was not gold and would not give me anything for it.

    • Melissa

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but you cannot hold it against them because you ring was not really gold.

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GoldKit.com Reviews

GoldKit.com is our #8 choice. Not a bad company, but a mediocre performance. Just adequate payouts and slow payments really hurt GoldKit.com in the running

Customer Satisfaction       3 Stars
Price       2 1/2 Stars
Quick Payment       2 Stars
Support       4 1/2 Stars

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One Response to GoldKit.com Reviews
  1. Terri

    Just got my check from goldkit.com. I am very satisfied, no funny business.

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ExpressGoldCash Reviews

ExpressGoldCash.com is our #7 choice for selling gold online. They are one of the only two companies that offer super fast payment, however their payments are not as competitive as we’de like to see.

Customer Satisfaction       3 Stars
Price       2 1/2 Stars
Quick Payment       4 1/2 Stars
Support       3 Stars

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4 Responses to ExpressGoldCash Reviews
  1. Christina N

    I was very unhappy with ExpressGoldCash. Before I sent in the gold, I went to a few local stores that bought gold and had it measured and categorized (14K, 18K, …). Then I shopped around online to get the best price (amongst reputable companies). I sent in my gold and when they called with the amount the check would be sent for, it was substantially less than I had expected. After talking with a representative, I found that they had miscounted, misweighed and micategorized…all in their favor of course. They offered to correct, but I was disgusted and asked them to send it all back, which they promptly did. I won’t do business with them again.

  2. Dawn Monroe

    I sold gold to expressgoldcash.com and was super happy. i got the money i needed and really fast! do recommend.

  3. Natasha

    I wish i would a looked at this page before i sent in my gold. I am not happy. I definatly should had got more money.

  4. Deborah Seidel

    You can compare buyers without ever leaving your home. Choose a buyer that will send you a prepaid, insured envelope to mail them your gold so that you do not even have to go to the post office or pay for shipping and insurance.

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EmpireGoldBuyers Reviews

EmpireGoldBuyers.com is our #6 online gold buyer. They offer pretty good customer satisfaction but their slow payments really hurt them in the rankings.

Customer Satisfaction       4 Stars
Price       3 Stars
Quick Payment       1 Stars
Support       4 Stars

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7 Responses to EmpireGoldBuyers Reviews
  1. Gaho

    I will never attempt to do business with these people again. Feel free to email me and ask why.

  2. Empire Gold Buyers

    Dear Steve,

    Can you tell us when your transaction was done.

    Thank you,
    Empire Gold

  3. Debbie Parsons

    I don’t know why this company is so low on the rankings. I had a great experience with them. Pretty fast payment, fair price, I’m very happy.

    • Steve Bolton

      Maybe you were paid fast, but it took them two weeks to send my money.

      • Debbie Parsons

        Steve –
        I got paid 5 days after I sent my items in.

        • Julia

          They made me a 700.00 offer and when I said I wanted my items back, they raised it to 1500…..my wedding set alone was appraised at 2,200.00……I got my stuff back AFTER I sent the 32.00 to cover the insurance…something they don’t tell you on the website. Pathetic!

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MyGoldEnvelope Reviews

MyGoldEnvelope.com is our #5 pick for selling gold online. They offer pretty good customer satisfaction but their payouts are not as competitive as some of the other gold buyers.

Customer Satisfaction       3 Stars
Price       3 Stars
Quick Payment       2 Stars
Support       3 Stars

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2 Responses to MyGoldEnvelope Reviews
  1. Jillian

    My husband and I just sold some of my jewelry to this company. Nice smooth transaction, but I kind of expected a little more cash.

    I have to agree with John, not great, but not bad.

  2. John Casom

    I used mygoldenvelope.com last month. not bad, but not the greatest. I brought it to the pawnshop to try to sell it before I mailed it in. These guys literally paid me the same price give or take a few cents. They must be using some kind of formula.

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SellGold.com Reviews

SellGold.com is our #3 pick to sell gold online. They are rated #3 because of their good customer satisfaction and competitive payouts.

Customer Satisfaction       4 Stars
Price       4 Stars
Quick Payment       3 Stars
Support       2 1/2 Stars

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One Response to SellGold.com Reviews
  1. Marlene

    I’m happy but annoyed.

    I’m retired, living in Florida on a fixed income. Usually I get by from month to month, but last month was the exception. The problem is, it’s a little harder at the beginning of the year because I haven’t met my health insurance deductable. So I have a little extra out of pocket for the first few months every year, until I meet the deductible.

    Anyway, I had a procedure that my doctor says I needed, and I had to pay for it myself. I thought about taking money out of the IRA, but I decided to sell some old jewelry instead.

    Once I sent it in, I waited and waited. I called several times and didn’t get an answer. When I eventually spoke with a young man, he told me to track it on their web page. But I couldn’t get the tracking to work (I’m not to good on the computer).

    Eventually, they sent the money. It was about what I expected, so I guess I’m pretty happy.

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GoldFellow Reviews

GoldFellow.com is our #2 pick for online gold buyers. They are rated #2 because of their good payouts and support.

Customer Satisfaction       4 Stars
Price       4 1/2 Stars
Quick Payment       3 Stars
Support       4 Stars

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2 Responses to GoldFellow Reviews
  1. Rhonda

    This company is legitimate. They paid me a fair price. I guess that’s it.

  2. Colleen Petty

    Nice smooth transaction. They paid me just about what I was expecting. It took a little too long to receive their kit, but at least I got to pay my mortgage with the cash they sent me.

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NowGold.com Reviews

NowGold.com is our #1 top pick for online gold buyers. We give them this honor because they have the highest customer satisfaction rating. They hit the trifecta with great customer satisfaction, high payouts and quick payments.

They offer such fast payment because they allow you to print your own shipping label from the web, instead of waiting several days for a jewelry return pack to show up in the mail.

Customer Satisfaction       4 1/2 Stars
Price       5 Stars
Quick Payment       5 Stars
Support       4 1/2 Stars

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24 Responses to NowGold.com Reviews
  1. I used nowgold several years ago and had a smooth transaction. So I decided to use them again. Even after several years, no changes. They still paid good money and fast. I’m a very happy customer. Thanks nowgold.

  2. Sarah Klecka

    I had a wonderful experience with this company. I have never done anything like this before, and I researched for quite a while before choosing NowGold.com as my choice. I never would have expected the payout that I received for the items that I sent. They even sent back pieces that were not eligible. Thanks NowGold.com for such a wonderful experience, and I will be using this company again. Thanks!!!!

  3. Super fast payment and more than I expected. A+A+A+A+A

  4. I sent in a handful of broken chains and miscellaneous items expecting to receive $100-200 if I was lucky. I was surprised when they offered me $555! Nowgold.com was quick and easy, and I would definitely do business with them again if I ever had the need.

  5. Karen Elwood

    I had a great experience with nowgold and have sent in more jewelry to you this week. I have also been telling all my friends/coworkers about nowgold. So thank you. With 2 kids in college the money helped. I am excited to see what I get for what I just sent in.

  6. Debbie Howell

    Highly recommend. Fast payment and was more than I expected. Am returning to do business again.

  7. Totally happy! They were everything they said. Super fast turn around time too! Thank you NowGold.com!

  8. richard

    i am very satified with both of my transactions with now gold.com

  9. Lori Sanders

    Everything they said was exactly right. I was very reluctant to mail gold off, but next day I received an email that it was received and processed and the next day it was in my account!! They even returned a ring that was not gold to me a few days later.I would definitely use them again!

  10. John Price

    I just have to say, NowGold.com was a great experience. They are fast and very honest and give the best price for your gold. Anyone would be a fool to send there gold they have for sale to anyone else…. I sent one old class ring I thought was white gold, they called to tell me it was not gold and cheap metal, I said to trash it, they sent the ring back to me, just to show they are very honest. I was extremely pleased with them and will do all my future business with only NowGold.com

  11. Lisa Johnson

    I’ve had these gold chains just sitting around for yrs..so I decided to sell them and YES, I was very pleased with the outcome…:)

  12. After doing lots of research I decided to give nowgold.com a chance. And I’m so glad I did. I sent in quite a good bit of gold and got paid about $5,000. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy!! Not only was the payout great but their customer service went above and beyond. Super friendly and extremely helpful. Would recommend them to anyone!

  13. Thank you!!! As gold is at a all time high is was curious what I could get for a necklace and a couple of rings. I was hoping for over $100 and $200 would be a bonus. But when I opened up the check…there was $440!!! Who is next? Thanks again http://www.nowgold.com

  14. Kara

    I was very leary to send in my old broken and unwanted gold jewelry.I did a lot of research, sent an E-mail and called once before I sent in my gold. I am still amazed at the professional and prompt service. They answered all of my questions imediate;y. I got a lot more money for my gold jewelry than I expected. I will absolutely refer them to friends and family and will do business with them again.

  15. Debbie Wisoff

    I was very wary of sending off my gold jewelry in an envelope but was I ever pleasantly surprised. I received more than I expected and it was deposited into my account faster than I ever thought possible. The process was simple since everything is explained on their website in easy to follow steps that also help get the money in your hands as fast as possible. It’s clear why the Better Business Bureau rates this company with an A+. The personal communication available with this company is also something you don’t find much of today – I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.

  16. Marie

    I admit I was a bit leary about mailing my gold and waiting for a check. I had my gold appraised in my hometown and had a fair idea of what it was worth. So, I decided to send it to NowGold and see what they would pay me….I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did they give me more than I was quoted in town, but the check came in the mail within three days after they received my package. It’s really nice to know there are still some honest people out there. Thank you!

  17. Scott M

    I was really needing some cash, fast. I was doing research online to determine whether to send my gold in, or to go to a local pawn shop. I saw the good reviews for Nowgold.com, and decided to go with them. I sent in a few small gold rings, a gold bracelet, my high school class ring, and some old silver dollars. I figured if I was lucky, I’d get $500. I got almost $1,000!!!! And, I got it super fast in a few days. I wish I had more gold to send in! I would most definitely do business with them again!

  18. I will admit, I thought this was a scam. We emailed each other a few times, I read testimonials, BBB, etc. and thought I’d give them a chance. I am extremely satisfied with the service, response and dollar amount!

  19. Leah Silverstein

    NowGold is wonderful! They pay you for what your gold is worth, and any questions sent by e-mail are replied to swiftly and thoroughly. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to sell their jewelry!

  20. Kevin Darnell

    I had several gold necklaces and a couple of silver pieces that I had planned on taking to a pawn shop. Some were in fair shape and the rest were twisted and kinked. A friend sent me an e-mail with a NowGold link. After reading about them I decided to give them a shot. No gas wasted going to a pawn shop, no postage to pay, seemed a lot easier.

    I fully expected to receive $150 – $175 and would have been happy with that. After only 2 days NowGold had received my package and processed it. In just two days a direct deposit was made in my bank account for 759.00!!!! I am still in shock!!!

    I honestly couldn’t believe they payed that much for what I sent them. They are like a dream come true. I recently lost my job and this helped me so much. I was able to pay my electric bill, water bill, phone bill, groceries, and buy my son some presents for his 12 birthday. 759.00??????

    These guys are for real…God bless NowGold…they really pulled me out of a jam.Best company on the planet…

    Thank you so much

  21. Lindsey

    I’ve been buying little trinkets at yard sales for years. (can’t help myself I guess) I sent in a pile of old juke I picked up. It was some old silver rings, a few little chains, etc. I shipped it in on Monday and I got a check on Thursday. I got $150 bucks.

    • Aja

      You left out the most important part. Would you do business with these guys again?

      • Lindsey

        Oh, yeah, for sure. That was easy money. Fast and more than I was expecting.

  22. Darla Cook

    A few months back I sold some jewelry to cash4gold.com and had a bad experience. Basically, half of my jewelry went missing. I swore I would never do that again.

    But, guess what… Money is tight because my husband is out of work right now, and I had to sell some of my grandmother’s jewelry to pay the rent. I shipped my grandmother’s jewelry out to nowgold.com and two days later they deposited money in my checking account. I see why these guys are ranked number one. They paid more than I was expecting (I guess cash4gold set the bar pretty low).

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