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Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute(GMERI) has been established since the year of 1959, and is a comprehensive first grade research institute directly under the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, as well as one of the units in charge of technologies in the national machinery industry. It has been incorporated into China Mechanical Equipment (Group) Company since its tranformation into an enterprise with science & technology in the year of 1999, and its one of first group of 242 key research institutes in transformation approved by the State Council. Its name has been changed to Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute since July, 2002. It is one of the first batch of trial units of 103 innovation enterprises in the whole country, a trial enterprise for patent in GuangDong province, an unit of civilization in national machinery industry, an enterprise with advanced & new technology in Guangzhou city, and its "GuangYan" trade marke won title of famous brand in both Guangzhou city and GuangDong province. Since the year of 2000, the main business revenue in operation of the whole unit has been increased for over 25% each year.?

??GMERI mainly engages in the development and manufacture of advanced & new technical products in area of basic techniques, basic materials and basic components for machinery, and its research level in hydraulics, equipment with unity of light & mechatronics, seals, lubrication, and in lubrication status monitoring of equipment takes leading place in our country. It has won awards as scientific research achievements for more than 1000 projects and over 200 of them won scientific and technological progress prizes of municipal, provincial, ministerial and national levels. At the same time, GMERI also has one National Certified Laboratory, four Inspection Supervision Centers with industrial grade and Engineering Research Center, and organized and set up a Public Laboratory for Machinery Equipment in GuangDong province.

??All working members of GMERI have sprites of questing for facts and truth, development and innovation, and planned for a period of 3~5 years to construct it into a pionner of integrated services in areas of hydraulic transmission & industrial lubrication in manufacturing of national equioments, and endlessly strive for realization of the development goal of a "Pionner of Interated Services for Functional Parts in National Machinery".

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