If you're like most people trying to sell gold online, you have already discovered there are lots of online gold buyers to choose from. But which companies are trust worthy enough to do business with and which companies should you run away from?

We've collected data from hundreds of sellers and compiled it here on this site. Using this information you can avoid getting ripped off by selling gold jewelry to an online gold scam. Instead, you can sell your unwanted gold jewelry to an accredited online gold buyer.

Our #1 Pick: Now Gold
Best Online Gold Buyer

Customer Satisfaction
Quick Payment
Best Rated Online Gold Buyer

NowGold.com is definitely the #1 choice for selling gold online today. This company is known for paying high prices and making fast payments.

Most companies make you wait for a Gold Kit to be shipped to you in the mail before you can mail out your gold jewelry. NowGold.com gives you the option to print your shipping material directly from your computer so you can ship your gold jewelry the very same day.

They even offer a 24 Hour payment option.

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Cash for Gold Scams Exposed
A few years back, I was in between jobs and a little short on money. After exhausting all my other alternatives, I decided to sell some of my gold jewelry. After somewhat randomly selecting an online gold buyer, I sent in my jewelry and the sent me cash. It was a great experience a great experience.

Recently, I noticed gold prices were starting to skyrocket; so I decided to sell some more of my gold jewelry. I couldn't remember which company I used before. So again, I somewhat randomly selected another online gold buyer. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well the second time. Instead of paying me what my gold was worth, they sent me a really really low check. I sent the check back and asked them to send my material, and half of it was missing!

That's when I decided to make this Blog page to allow you an open forum to communicate about your experiences with these online gold buyers. If you were treated great, we want to hear about it. If you were treated badly, we REALLY want to hear about it.

Is Cash for Gold a Scam?
After a little research I've discovered cash for gold is not usually a scam. However, there are some unscrupulous gold buyers out there. Read our Cash for Gold Reviews for more cash for gold scams exposed.

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