ExpressGoldCash Reviews is our #7 choice for selling gold online. They are one of the only two companies that offer super fast payment, however their payments are not as competitive as we’de like to see.

Customer Satisfaction       3 Stars
Price       2 1/2 Stars
Quick Payment       4 1/2 Stars
Support       3 Stars

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4 Responses to ExpressGoldCash Reviews
  1. Christina N

    I was very unhappy with ExpressGoldCash. Before I sent in the gold, I went to a few local stores that bought gold and had it measured and categorized (14K, 18K, …). Then I shopped around online to get the best price (amongst reputable companies). I sent in my gold and when they called with the amount the check would be sent for, it was substantially less than I had expected. After talking with a representative, I found that they had miscounted, misweighed and micategorized…all in their favor of course. They offered to correct, but I was disgusted and asked them to send it all back, which they promptly did. I won’t do business with them again.

  2. Dawn Monroe

    I sold gold to and was super happy. i got the money i needed and really fast! do recommend.

  3. Natasha

    I wish i would a looked at this page before i sent in my gold. I am not happy. I definatly should had got more money.

  4. Deborah Seidel

    You can compare buyers without ever leaving your home. Choose a buyer that will send you a prepaid, insured envelope to mail them your gold so that you do not even have to go to the post office or pay for shipping and insurance.

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